We accept Bank Transfers as payment. This includes Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and In Bank Electronic Transfers.

We do not accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash Deposits, Cash or Cheques. If you would like to pay using one of these methods please send us an email and we will see if we can accommodate you.

We do not currently accept payment methods such as PayPal as many of these services are not available in South Africa, but we are constantly reviewing the situation.

Collection with cash is available from our offices in Boksburg, Johannesburg but only with prior arrangement. No cash or cash deposits will be accepted on Krugerrands, Bars and Medallions.

Products will only be shipped once payment has cleared our bank account. We reserve the right to extend clearance periods. The minimum clearance period is one South African business day.

All prices include the applicable Tax. For South African residents Value Added Tax will apply in the form of 15% on all products excluding Legal Tender Gold Coins and currency coins, on which there is 0% VAT. On products that include Legal Tender Gold Coins VAT is only applied to the packaging and any other products included such as medallions.

For International orders no Tax is applied, but due to constraints placed upon us by our suppliers, we must sell at the same price as South African residents would pay with VAT included.

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